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An Alien in Spain visits - Spain (Cordoba Fair)

At the end of the month of May an area a little outside the city is decorated where for a month the locals celebrate and have a good time with tents set up for members of the public to go in and try different types of Tapas different types of dance different types of music to eat drink and be happy there is something for everyone even the children and national costume abounds as does a stage to just sit and watch free music until the early hours of the morning.

Make your way past the food stores on the approach to the bridge - Treat yourself on the way it's cheap enough and as you cross the bridge you can see the fun area in the distance.

What an entrance to the Festival Area made and erected just for the May Fair - Dress up or not no one minds and It really only gets busy as the night goes on and especially at weekends

A Great way to see all the things on offer not just for the kids as the party Area starts to build up and they do have kiddies entertainment with a castle of Terror I hope they don't have nightmares I know I did !!

The tents are well stocked with drinks and food is usually available at most and there is music and dancing for everybody Young and Old.

Outside there are stages set up with various types of entertainers which gets very popular as the night goes on so if you see something that catches your eye make sure you turn up early to get a good seat. One of the very popular forms of music is the Mariachi Bands which after a warm up band played for an hour they took to the stage and played from late evening well into the night and were greatly appreciated.

The dancing went on and on and I decided to call it a night and head back to my Hostel leaving the Mariachi players still going strong

As the night draws in the lights come into their own lighting up the fairground and making it look even more beautiful

As I passed back over the bridge on the way home at 1 am I could see the bridge lit up and yes there are people still making their way towards the fairground - You just have to love the Spanish Constitution !!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures they speak much better than I can of the reasons you should pay a visit to Cordoba at the end of May.

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