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An Alien in Spain Visits - Poland (Krakow)

I Left La Zenia, Spain at 11 am in Blazing sun and 8 hours later still good weather, just as well I didn't bring a coat and I am ensconced in my overnight accommodation (One World Hostel) in Kraków with a ticket in my pocket for onward train journey tomorrow at 11 am to Poznan.

The pictures below are for my friends who have no idea what the common room of a hostel looks like we'll now you do.

The last time I was here was in July 2015 and so I reacquainted myself with Krakow with a walk around the Old Town Market Square checking out the shops in the middle of the Square, the sculpture and Horse & Carriages and nothing had changed much.

As the night came on I feasted on a plate of Pierogi (filled dumplings) hmmm and found a bar to wash them down with a pint of the local brew and did some people watching

enjoyed first night back on Polish soil even if it was on my own - remember the best moments are the ones we share and tomorrow I am off to Poznan for a week of teaching English to some Polish speaking residents - so until the next time.

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