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An Alien in Spain Visits - London ( London Bridge)

Good day yesterday met up with some old friends and a met a couple of new ones from the Companions2travel Club and after a cup of tea coffee or a bottle of wine in "All Bar One" London Bridge Street we had lunch at The George Inn Borough High Street before splitting into two groups the hardened drinkers who stayed and a group who went to Tower Bridge

A Ticket costs £9-00 and gets you into the room with the old steam driven engine that was used to raise and lower the bridge with full diagrams and explanations of how things work.

After the tour you go up to ground level and either catch the lift up or walk the 200 steps to the top of the towers where after a brief film clip you can wander across either or both spans and experience fabulous views up and down the Thames.

There is even a glass floor to look down on the people and traffic passing below - really good value for money.

A final meet up for drinks at "The refectory" before some of us parted company however my day was capped off with dinner opposite "The Golden Hind" on the river before catching the tube home .

I had a great day and would like to thank in no particular order Gina, Dave, Mary, Veronica, Sue, Rosie, Bridget, Richard, Wayne, Ashwin, David, Becky, Suzie, Nick and Ela for turning out and making it and enjoyable day and a special thank you to Ela for making it happen.

A really interesting day for anyone who wants to follow in our footsteps one spring / Summer day in London Town.


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