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An Alien in Spain Visits - USA (Atlanta Georgia)

Oh Boy, The Mega Bus from Washington DC leaves Union Station at 9.30 pm and arrives in Atlanta Georgia at 10.30 am the next day and costs $21 compared to the cheapest flight at $130 - on face value a bargain, however, if you are unlucky enough, not to get a double seat to yourself and then get two Muslims sitting behind you with another of their party sitting next to you, and they don't shut up throughout the whole trip plus the majority of the other travellers are the irritating Black brothers who always seem to have those badly fitting earphones that allow everyone else to hear what they are listening too and it is never Frank Sinatra or Sarah Brightman then it stops being such a good bargain. Throw in a Kamikaze Deer that decides to throw itself in front of the Bus at 2 o' clock in the morning requiring a stop until the state trooper turns up to do the report followed by everyone on the bus discussing it and it is even less appealing - Finally There are three rest / comfort breaks to keep you fed and watered on the way after which just in case you have managed to sleep through them the driver hits the load speaker to tell everyone to be thoughtful of the customers trying to sleep and keep the noise to a minimum - Really - My advice - Take the damn plane.

Having survived the overnight from DC (look at the damage to the bus and the windscreen was cracked) I hired a car from Thrifty car hire for $125 for 4 days, unlimited mileage to drive to my new Air BnB. I am staying at 3424, North lake Trail, Doraville, which like Takoma Park is another leafy suburb but this time about 30 minutes from Atlanta in Georgia. Excellent accommodation having the whole of the bottom floor of the property with Breakfast and an evening meal for $50 a night, this was to be home for the next four days.

Katherine my hostess who had her birthday on Halloween and who I affectionately call the White Witch is well travelled and interesting to talk with and if you want to join in her Sunday Morning Yoga class you are welcome - me I stayed in bed, - well I am recharging the batteries ! ! !

As I was close by resting before the next stage of my adventure I took the time to drive into South Carolina to view a plot of land I bought cheaply on a whim online a few years back. I knew it was a plot of hardwood and I thought it would be an idea to use the wood to build a cabin and either rent it out or use as a vacation in years to come.

The trip by car to Greenville, Spartanburg took a couple of hours easy driving through very nice country but the surprise I got when I arrived taught me a lesson and the true meaning of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Some of the plots, and there were many, had been bought by people who live in trailers which were scattered around with no apparent respect for other property boundaries.

Driving back I decided to offload my log cabin project at the first opportunity and since that day I have actually given the plot of land to an American Charity but at least I can look back and appreciate the drive and the great ribs in the place I stopped for lunch.

Over the next couple of days I drove up into the Appalachian Mountains and those trips can be viewed under the headings of the destinations one (1) Being the Gold Rush Town of Dohlonega and number Two (2) a very unusual town called Alpine Helen.

My Batteries have been recharged and many thanks to my hostess for the last four days but now If you are old enough to remember Simon & Garfunkel you may remember the lyrics "sitting in a railway station, got a ticket for my destination" which just about sums me up at 5.50 am waiting on a bus outside Atlanta Railway station ready for the 9 hour drive which will get me to The Big Easy New Orleans - I may have missed Mardi Gras but really looking forward to this stage of the journey - lets just hope there are no more kamikaze deer on the way down.

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