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An Alien in Spain Visits - Canada (Quebec City)

After 8 and a half weeks on the road around the US of A I returned to York Maine for a few days R & R before returning to good old blighty, however, how could I turn down the chance of one final road trip to Canada before I leave so here are a few photos of the 4 day trip I took up North to Quebec City.

The scenery in Northern Maine on the way to Quebec is spectacular this is just one of the lakes and river that attract fishermen all the way up to a tributary of The St Lawrence River on which Quebec City stands.

Can you just imagine what the place was like years ago where hunting & Trapping are still the main pastime in this region- Yes your right it was just like this totally unspoiled.

You enter Quebec which sits on the banks of the St Lawrence River and gaze back from Boulevard Champlain which overlooks the river and believe it or not they have a little more snow than Chicago come winter time. From Boulevard Champlain in the old quarter of you can find The Quebec Museum of the Fort which was a throw back to General Woolf and the siege of Quebec and across the river you can see Levis home to one of Canada’s oldest parishes, Saint-Nicolas. The history of the area dates back to 1694.

Chateau Frontenac is part of The Fairmont Group and was once a castle set high on the banks of the River with imposing views but - No I didn't stay there on my budget. Although it was still November Chateau Frontenac Foyer was already done up and ready for with a seasonal visitor - No, not Santa my trusty travel companion Denise Wilford.

Close by Notre Dame Cathedral was the first place of christian worship in Canada with an impressive altar but not so impressive figurines, they put me in mind of The Muppet's, is that sacrilegious ? and is that how you spell it ??

The Citadel sits within the walls of the old city and is still the residence of the governor and is also home to a battalion of guards. The University is a top school of Architecture all set beside a small part of the defences of Quebec where there are gun placements all along the upper ramparts with clear shots all along the St Lawrence River.

The lower part of the city down by the port can be reached by foot down hundreds of steps or via the Funiculaire du Vieux at a costs of 1.5 Canadian Dollars - One (1) Euro.

The lower part of the Old City was my favourite to wander around as they had the narrow cobblestone streets with some value for money cafes and restaurants and shops to browse as well as where plain walls are transformed to look like amazing structures.

The reputation of Canadians is famous for their friendliness so when I met my new mate "Bruin" - I said "Cold here isn't it mate" he said "You just got to grin and bear it" - what can you do with bears these days?

Take a look at the trappers shop with the pelts on the outside wall and here is a question. - What Geatish hero does spell out ? Answer later.

Denise was getting all excited with the decorations up and it's not even Thanksgiving yet - oh that's right wrong country - oops.

I had to take this picture, see the artificial Ice needles on the tree - well they aren't artificial it was that cold out there. Anyway I thought the decorations looked good - don't know why Denise kept calling it Grotty? Oh Grotto - Got it now.

Our time in Quebec flew by and it was a place I am very glad I visited and although it helps to speak French as it is a requirement for anyone wishing to settle down here there are enough people who speak English / American so it is no problem

Leaving Canada and heading back to Maine you will pass by the cabins in Northern Maine that are used by the Fishermen and the Trappers / Hunters and it makes you realise what a vast wilderness this is up here. The freeze was starting to set in and with the temperatures dropping and looking at the river you can see this will be a skating rink in a few weeks time.

Farewell Canada and soon Maine - I'm heading back to the Uk for a rest before my next adventure but I have loved every minute of this trip.

Oh Yes the answer to the question is Beorwulf - like Bear & Wolf - get it? Oh never mind - A tout a l'heure

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