An Alien in Spain Visits - Consuegra

For anyone familiar with the tale of chivalry "The Man from La Mancha" penned by the famous Spanish writer Cervantes - I had always wanted to see the famous windmills from the book that gave birth to the phrase "Tilting at Windmills" and at last I have seen them and the castle.

The mythical knight Don Quixote De La Mancha ended up on the Manchegan Plain, where he entered into an impossible battle with his giants. These mills with large blades that tormented the protagonist of the Cervantes novel are in Consuegra and are today a mandatory stop on a route through these lands . Twelve of them are kept in very good condition, of which five continue to maintain the original machinery.

In addition to enjoying spectacular views from the top of Cerro Calderico, some can be visited, as is the case of Bolero – current Consuegra tourism office, of Rucio – where you can learn about its operation and even buy a souvenir – or of Knight of the Green Gabán, converted into a Gastro-Mill in which to enjoy a snack in its charming and small living-dining room.

I hope you enjoyed sharing these pictures with me as much as I enjoyed being there to take them.

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