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An Alien in Spain Visits - Morocco (Safi)

Having said goodbye to Tammy the four of us set off for Marrakesh but decided to split the journey into two and travel down the coast to stop off in the coastal town of Safi for the night. On the way we stopped for a comfort break at El Jadida and were surprised at how beautiful the beach area was and how empty so we spent a while there and had a Mint Tea and a snack in a beach-side cafe.

The next part of our trip reinforced my opinion of how friendly & helpful people have been to us since we arrived in Morocco. As we were in no rush we stopped to admire the scenery and take a few pictures and I suppose I must have had my mind on other things as my driving became sloppy for just long enough to drift to the side and hit one of the many large rocks that bordered the road resulting in a big bang.

Cursing my luck and thinking of how I needed to get the three girls luggage and my bag out of the boot in the middle of nowhere to get to the spare wheel on whilst listening to the ladies complain they needed a toilet when all of a sudden as if by magic I was surrounded by four Moroccan men who just appeared and without conversation took off my wheel and replaced it with the spare unloading and loading back up the luggage in the boot while the Girls headed off across the fields to a house in the distance to see if they could use the toilet.

The guys would not hear of taking anything for their trouble and told me that I could get the rim of the wheel that was buckled fixed in the next village before disappearing the way they had come.

Off across the fields I went to find the girls who while I had been left to struggle manly on with the wheel change had found the only house within miles and managed to get to use their toilet and settle down for a cup of Mint Tea with cakes, as well Rene wanted to make off with the youngest member of the household - Wonderful Family.

After a stop at the garage in the next village where they repaired the wheel and replaced the spare with the original for the equivalent of 30 euro we were on our way again to our destination of Safi and a Riad called Le Cheval Blanc (The White Horse).

On arrival Rene and I left Lynn and Denise to guard the car while we went searching the alley ways of the medina until we found it set in a dark and dismal alley that made us wonder if we had made a big mistake especially after the mishap on the way but we couldn't have been treated better by Oliver our host and although not 5 star the Riad was a great place to stop for the night as you will see from the Photos.

We were recommended to eat at a local place called Chez Hosni a real eye opener for our first street side meal in Morocco and what an experience it turned out to be. Although we followed the directions carefully we actually walked past what appeared to be an ordinary house all closed up but as we retraced our steps we found a board with a write up from a national newspaper expounding the virtues of the establishment which after we knocked on the door we were able to experience ourselves.

The owner chef placed a table and four chairs outside on the street and asked us what we wanted to eat (No Menu) we settled at his recommendation on a fresh Tajine cooked fish with vegetables and another surprise dish and with an offer of paying him what we thought the meal was worth when we had finished

The kitchen was less than basic for a house never mind a restaurant but there was no doubting the man could cook however when we got back to our Riad and recounted the tale we were informed we had overpaid - just goes to show the difference in culture we thought we had been mean with what we paid.

Next Morning we were treated to a banquet of a feast by the cook on the roof Kitchen that set us up for the day and our drive to Marrakesh.

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