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An Alien in Spain visits - Japan (Osaka)

The distance from Himeji to Osaka is a little over 90 km and the train took a little over 2 hours at a cost of 2900 yen ( 24 euro) after which the taxi fare from Nankai-Namba Station to The Crystal Hotel (Kawarayamachi) which was less than 2 km cost us 1200 yen ( 10 euro) Hmmmm beware taxi drivers in Osaka.

I think we had been dogged by the weather this trip as everywhere we go it seems to be wet and this was no different and so for the rest of the day we wandered around the local area grabbing a bite to eat and planned our next couple of days.Ending up with an early night in the very comfortable hotel that was only costing us 10,472 yen (88 euro) including breakfasts for 2 nights.

After breakfast we set out to what is probably the main tourist hot spot in Osaka, Dotonburi, a must see area famous for its landmarks and variety of street food. Running parallel with the river you can find Boat Rides and mini Big Wheel rides as well as a plethora of sideshows.

From here we made our way on foot to Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping street unfortunately only to window shop as our suitcases were bulging at the seems and on the edge of the luggage allowance with another 12 days to go.

We thought we would check out where the lockers were in the station for us to leave our cases the next day after checking out of our hotel as we did not need to check in for our flight until 9 pm the next night and are we glad we did. Osaka Nankai-Namba Station covers an enormous area and has a North Gate, South Gate and a Central Gate as well as satellite stations for different lines and it took us ages and in the end more than a little help from The Tourist information centre to find the lockers. For your information it cost 700 yen ( 6 euro) for the day and make sure you have the correct money 7 100 yen coins.

Time to find a place to eat our last meal of the day and so we headed back to Dotonbori Street for a final look in the night time.

We ate in a nondescript place just outside Dotonbori where the food was good and where we found a statue of a Sumo Wrestler Lynda took a shine to so we thought it apt to picture him either side of this bottle of Japanese whisky check out the price - 230,500 Yen is 1,950 Euro.

Bellies full we walked back to the hotel and packed the bags ready for our last day in Japan where we had decided to visit The Aquarium.

After a good breakfast and checking out of our hotel at 10 am we caught the subway to Osaka Station where we dropped off the luggage and then it is only a 30 minute train journey with one change at a fare of 280 yen (2.40 euro) and you arrive at Osakakko Station and a five minute walk brings you to Osaka Aquarium which I warn you will easily take up your whole day marvelling at the wonders of the deep.

This is one of the largest Aquariums in the world where you can enjoy a journey to the sea Reproducing The Pacific Ocean and its surrounding areas, this aquarium exhibits some 30,000 fish and other creatures, encompassing 620 species.

Did you spot the Moray eel - ugly critter pocking his head out for a look - and there is a petting pool of Rays at the exit.

After an interesting day at the Aquarium it was time to get back to the luggage lockers and catch the train to the Kinsai International Airport for the flight to Honolulu and western food again.

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