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An Alien in Spain visits - Poland (Gdansk)

First day in Poland and first impression of Gdansk is awesome the hostel I am staying at is fabulously clean and no bunk beds in dorm just 5 single beds - had a walk around the town tonight and the architecture is something else will do the tour of the old city tomorrow but tonight had a meal at Restauracja Kresowa of Armenian soup polish veg and meat dumplings and a special pork chop marinaded in wine and the baked with veg meal was superb and with a half litre of polish beer it set me back 72 zlotys which is about 15 euro - think I'm gonna like Poland.

After an early start I had light breakfast and headed of to meet up for the Old City Tour which took almost 3 hours and took in all the major sites and a good history lesson was given along the way (free but expect donation if happy with service and leaflets available in all hostels).

The tour takes in the Old Post office where the workers were executed that kicked off the world war and you get to see the original building and site of the executions.

The tour ended at the Gdansk shipyards where Lev Welenska started the eventual downfall of communism back in the 1980's (hands up those that remember it on TV) and there was a commemorative museum that was interesting.

I then had lunch with my Hostel Room mate Christine from the Chez Republic of fresh caught cod chips and a soft drink on a floating restaurant (boat) for about 10 euro each - delicious.

After a wander round the streets of Gdansk that I I had missed I went to the railway station to book my ticket for tomorrow for Malbork Castle, so hopefully not so much walking.

A must at night / early evening is a walk along the Royal street down to the port via the river I have never encountered so many talented musicians in one place - every nook and cranny has a duet or a trio playing some classical piece and as the lights come on it takes on a fairy story appearance love it.


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