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An Alien in Spain Visits - Spain Cuenca Region

Just back from a three (3) day trip From Torrevieja with Davids Coaches supposedly to see the town of Cuenca and thought I would let anybody thinking about doing the trip decide if it is for them with a brief resume of my experience.

Firstly if the main reason for your going on this trip is to see the town of Cuenca and it's sights quite simply forget it you would be better going it alone in your car.

There were 4 of us on this trip and after a pick up at 7.25 am ( yes really) we set off and after the two (2) obligatory drivers stop for comfort and coffee we arrived at the Hoselaria in the village of Canete ( look it up) 65 Kms the other side of Cuenca where we will be billeted for two (2) nights.

Rooms allocated without favour so you might get a balcony where you can escape from the room otherwise you can sit inside and count how many floor tiles have been chipped away on the dirty scuffed floor of the bedroom with two single small beds or admire the peeling of the back of the door in the bathroom however there was always hot water.

Arrival at the hotel and an interesting lunch could if you wanted be followed by a guided walk around a typical Spanish village however we all opted to catch up on some well deserved zzzzzzzz's.

Dinner at 9 pm and if you are travelling with friends and you don't fight to get in the door first it is quite likely you will end up sitting on different tables as happened to us and you have to keep the same seats for the duration. The food was Spanish mountain food made up of some unusual concoctions and of course the only choice eat it or leave it.

After the meal the tables are pushed back and a member of staff acts as DJ and dancing goes on until around midnight. You might as well stay and take advantage of the plastic jugs filled with wine as you will not sleep as the music can be heard all over the building.

The next day after a breakfast at 8.30 am of coffee, juice, cake, yogurt which I would tell you to forget and spend your time better getting the extra 45 mins sleep before boarding the coach at 9.15 am.

Off we go back the way we came yesterday past Cuenca over 2 hours in total to a place in the mountains called "The Devils Window" where you can take pictures from a ledge overlooking the River Jucar and buy some pottery from the stall in the car park if this is your want.

Then on to "The enchanted city" which the entrance fee of a couple of euros entails a walk around a part of the natural park to look at rock formations which with a stretch of the imagination slightly resemble everyday objects ( I have posted some pics with what they are supposed to be you decide)

Depending on your ability this takes about an hour after which you can sit at some tables and eat some cheese and ham provided washed down by some wine until everyone has made it back.

On to Cuenca ? Well actually no, we go another 65 Kms on the coach to a place on the river to go for a walk to see a waterfall ( an hour on the coach and an hours walk ) during which time as a non walker I was volunteered to work in the kitchen to help with the meal being prepared for our merry crew. Peeling potatoes and prepping and cooking the belly pork and The Paella as well as learning how to make Ali ole was fun after which the meal was enjoyed and another period of dancing and dressing up was on the agenda. But still no Cuenca.

The return to the hotel was followed by an evening meal at 9 pm but to be honest no one was hungry having only eaten late in the afternoon. Again the tables pushed back for a dance but this was not well attended as we had adjourned to The bar to cheer on the Liverpool win over Barcelona.

The last morning was exactly the same as the day before except we had to pack and load the cases on the coach for the return home later that day.

Finally at 9.45 and we are off to see the sights of the town of Cuenca we came to see but not before a detour to some forest to see the lagoons which turned out to be about the most uninspiring part of the trip so far.

Eventually we arrived in Cuenca and are given three and a half hours to look around until we have to be back on the coach as well as having lunch.

There is a church ( entry €1) A Cathedral and museum ( combined ticket entry €7) A Parador ( free) The hanging houses ( free) A Convent as well as numerous nooks and crannies to discover hardly any of which there is time to discover before heading back to the coach where we were asked "who saw the eyes of the Moorish Lady painted in the rock face"? ( it might have been helpful to have been told before we were on the coach leaving for the long drive back to La Zenia arriving at 9 pm.

We managed to fit in a meal at Restaurante Picaro (Final Picture) in Cuenca with a Menu Del Dia for €12.50 which was excellent and worth searching for if you visit.

On a positive note The trip covers Three (3) Days on a Full Board basis for only 149.00 euros - the courier (Sharon) and the driver ( Jose) were excellent however I leave you to decide if this trip is what you want if you want to visit Cuenca.

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