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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Mandawa)


After a hearty breakfast we said our goodbyes to the staff at the Moonlight Palace Hotel who had looked after us with such affection over the last week and hoped we would be able to revisit in the future.

We headed out of the city of Jaipur and after a few stops to adjust straps on the luggage on the roof rack we started to make good time on our way to Mandawa.

After a couple of hours we stopped for a comfort break and after four (4) cups of Chai three (3) coffees and a tea plus there (3) packs of biscuits ( 2€ ) really. I succumbed to the ribbing and took my place behind the wheel of the Mitsubishi Car and drove the rest of the way to Mandawa without incident and enjoyed every minute.

The Hotel Radhika Haveli we had booked was fabulous and was by far the best accommodation we had booked so far

After a welcoming drink of Tea, coffee and bottles of water we were allocated a guide supplied by the hotel for a guided tour of the abandoned Haveli's the area is famous for. In the glorious past traders owned the Havelis from which they shipped cheap goods from the local areas around Asia. Now the traders own many shops in India and have abandoned the Haveli's to caretaker families, however, the properties just get run down.Some are being renovated to Hotels but the cost is so great not many.

After a guided tour we returned to the hotel for an evening meal and after to be entertained in the garden with a puppet show.

And so to bed, an early night to be ready for the next stage of our trip around Rajasthan.

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