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An Alien in Spain - Visits Philippines (Dumaguete)

I owe a debt of gratitude to an Irish guy called Con who was travelling to the same ferry terminal as me that morning and who gave me and my backpack a lift on his motor scooter while balancing his own backpack in front of him on the bike. We arrived at 10.30 and bought the 100 pesos ferry ticket to Dumaguete for the 11,30 ferry which didn't actually arrive and load up until 1.30 pm but we were just thankful that the ferry was running and not worried about the time. The crossing took 50 minutes and Con was staying overnight in Dumaguette City whereas I was going on to a destination an hour south called Zamboanguita so we decided to set off together to find a place to hire scooters. After walking for 15 minutes without success we hailed a tricycle that took us to three Motor scooter hire shops for 40 pesos none of which had anything for hire. At this point Con decided he would walk back to find his hotel and I hired the tricycle to take me to my place for 450 Pesos (7.06 euro)

About an hour later and after getting a little lost we found Kavs Beach Resort which would be my home for the next 3 days, The resort was first class with only six bunks to a dorm and although the mattress was thin it was bearable and there was a pool and beach access and the food in the restaurant reasonable and tasted fine. The cost was also amazing only 355 Pesos (5.57 euro) a night, however, being so far away from anything which it is I needed transport to get around and the Resort had No vehicles to hire and the small village nearby didn't even have a hire shop and so for the next three days until it was time to leave all I could do was stroll the beach and enjoy the swimming pool and resort facilities. Below are a couple of pictures of the Beach, the pool and the amazing sunsets but other than that I have nothing to show.

After a relaxed three days my Motor Tricycle was on time at 9 am to transport me, 1 hour to the airport at Dumaguete City at a cost of 500 Pesos (7.85 euro) for my flight back to Manila and onward back to Madrid

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