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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Fort Kochi)

During the train journey it transpired that Dev had booked apartment accommodation in Fort Kochi which had adequate room for two so we decided that I would skip the cheap Hostel I had booked and go halves on her booking and was I glad I went along with that.

After booking in we went for a walkabout and took in the main sights of Fort Kochi which are few and not of great importance but we did find a spot on the beach next to the Chinese fishing nets where you can buy fresh caught fish and have it cooked. We visited there that night but to be honest found it overpriced and quite frankly bland especially as they took over an hour to cook the fish, lobster and prawns served with a salad???

Day 2

Started with a walk to the main part of Fort Kochi, centred near the fort where we found a great little eatery on the first floor balcony of a hotel where we shared a plate of muesli with fruits and curd ( couldn't finish it, it was so big) and chicken sausage, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast with tea and juice for a few hundred Rupee - amazing.

After checking the local area we decided to take a 200 Rupee Tuk Tuk ride to another part of Cochin where we walked the market streets and bought herbs spices and fresh tea as well as fresh fruit which is all so cheap.

We got back late afternoon and decided to cancel going to the local dance / theatre and have a chill out with wine and food we had purchased and I spent the night being educated via you tube to various continental songs and even tried some Turkish dancing, however, not ready for strictly just yet.

Day 3

Although we were meant to check out today and kill time until the evening train, we were both a little the worst for wear after the evening booze up, so Dev booked an extra day at the hotel but had to change rooms after which we recovered slowly until lunchtime.

Afternoon saw us take a Tuk Tuk to a Mall in a different part of Cochin that turned out to be closed due to lack of customers so we walked until we found a locals cafe where we tried mutton stew and chicken Biriani with a local fried fish dish.

After a ride back to the hotel we booked a Tuk Tuk to take us to the railway for later and another sleep was called for and taken.

After a little concern over the Tuk Tuk turning up we managed the trip to Erakulam station with minutes to spare only to find the train that was on time would be 2 hours late leaving as it needed to be cleaned and fresh sheets and blankets distributed.

Next stop Goa.

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