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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Mount Abu)

We left at 9.30 am the next morning for the drive to one of the Hill Forts the British favoured to get away from the Indian summers, this one midway between Jodhpur and Udaipur called Mount Abu. After a relatively sedate drive for 90% of the drive our heights fearing traveller Kay was confronted with steep twisting and turning mountain roads with panoramic views but also suicidal drops over the side of the roads.

After about an hour we arrived at our designated Hotel booked via who seem to have a lot to answer for with regards photographs, descriptions and even reviews on their site as this was again an Hotel ( Mount View) that should have been fitted with a revolving door where we were in and out in an instant and thanks to our driver soon settled in an alternative, homely guest house at half the price, thanks you, Shri Ganesh Hotel.

Soon after we were joined by Jon who had done a 10 hour drive to meet up with us and glad to say, at last reunited me with my replacement credit cards.

Due to our alternative accommodation arrangements we left to explore the town late in the day and everybody was wearing warm clothes as the difference in temperature at this altitude was most noticeable. The town is a peaceful place set around a lake and a Polo Ground with most of the shops modern which was a surprise so far up a mountain and a couple of hundred miles from the two major cities.

Unfortunately it was Kays turn for suffering today and we left her tucked up in bed and headed for the lake and after another bout of selfies with all the Indians we took refuge In a Pizza parlour where we had Pizza for a change for tea. Not our best meal.

After we had eaten John and June headed back to the hotel while Jon, Denise and I wandered around the market stalls, shared a beer on a rooftop bar and I bought our driver a present for his home from a street artisan who was doing carvings and paintings I thought were really good

A walk back through the town at about 10 pm showed us that there is no nightlife and a cup of chai and a good nights sleep and we would be off to Udaipur in the morning.

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