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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Gangapur City)

What? Where? I hear you say and I can understand that as it is not a place that is on the lips of many visitors to India, however, they were not lucky enough to have Mohamed (Shakir) Khan as their driver for three weeks and although not the most understanding of English, he has been wonderful.

Today en route from Ranthambore to Agra, Gangapur City lies on the way, 70 Kms North East and is the family home of Shakir who has invited us to have lunch with him and his family which we are all looking forward to. The reception we received when we arrived is from a family ( Mother, Brothers, sisters in law and children) welcoming but shy, however, we are soon ensconced on the settees and chairs and the girls are off chatting with female in-laws while Shakir helped his wife to present us with a meal of Biriani and fresh caught fish with chicken curry and sweets which were not only filling but delicious. It is at times like this you wish there was one universal language to express how welcoming they had made us feel.

Trying to leave was a feat in itself with friends and neighbours shaking our hands all the way to the car and children pressed up against the windows of the car as we left.

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