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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Bikaner)

After our delightful tour of the Le Prince Haveli we set off for the 3 hour drive to Bikaner and to a stop along the way that June especially had been looking forward to. About 12 Kms outside Bikaner is a state run camel breeding centre where the four major breeds of camel are cross mated in an effort to produce a healthier, stronger camel that will produce more milk as it is apparently extremely high antibiotic properties and used to help cure liver complaints,

We arrived between the opening hours of 3 - 6 pm and after 200 INR entrance fee it was only 200 INR between us for the most imposing guide who showed us around and explained how everything worked.

Our short ride to Bikaner became complicated when it transpired the overnight accommodation I had booked was not accessible via any taxi so we had to unload and load us and our cases into two Tuk Tuks being driven by wannabe Formula 1 drivers after which we endured the most hair raising ride through the rush hour to our lodgings for the night The Tanisha Heritage Haveli which was run by a married Indian couple with the help of the husbands father and their cute daughter Tanisha.

After a home cooked meal shared with an Australian couple and a French couple on the rooftop restaurant we settled down for a good nights sleep as we had a Fort and temple to explore in the morning.

A new experience at breakfast with a fruit salad of banana coconut and pomegranate with oats and curd was delicious and with tea, toast and jam and an omelette it was difficult to get started but after fond farewells we were whisked back by the two Tuk Tuk drivers from the night before to our car and driver who were waiting outside the Fort.

Junagarh Fort is an imposing structure which is well worth the 300 INR entrance fee and you don't really need a guide to enjoy the tour. We were in a hurry as we had a lot to fit in today and a long way to go so we whizzed round in 45 minutes but you could spend a couple of hours taking everything in,

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