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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Pushkar)

I am really suffering with a hoarse cough with the remnants of my cold and the air pollution and the general census of opinion is I shouldn't infect anyone so I spent the day in my room to be fit for Sunday and the group did their own thing heading for the Camel Fair - Camel pictures cutesy of Denise Wilford

Sunday I was up bright and early and set off on my own with my camera ( iPad not charging) for a walk around the lake. I misjudged the distance and had to get a Tuk Tuk back after about half way but in the couple of hours I was walking I saw the sad conditions the locals had to bear although a lot of the dirt and squalor is self inflicted and the schools of fish in the lake that were being fed by the children from their 10 Rupee bags of fish food had to fight their way to the surface through cardboard cartons and other rubbish in the lake. There was a very nice park where families came to wander and relax however I found one of the biggest Rat colonies at the base of the trees by the walls and no one seemed bothered by them at all !!!

Lunch time saw me enjoy a cold beer on the rooftop bar where I met some of the group and we decided at first to meet at 4 pm to go together which was later changed to Tuk Turks at 5 pm. At 5 pm some of the group decided to eat and by 5.30 pm and No Tuk Tuk's had arrived it ended up Tuk Tuk to bus station at 5..45 and on bus to Pushkar arriving in the dark around 6.30 pm and apart from the tourist Camel rides the camel fair was over for the day !!!! Now there was just a Fair and the Camel Fair I had travelled half way round the world to see - I missed. As I always say Hey *#$€ing Ho. As the long bus ride and heat had taken their toll on some of the group Denise, Kay and I wandered around looking at a few camels bedding down, and the band performing in the show ground before passing the hot air balloons going about 50 ft in the air and back down again.

The three of us walked into Pushkar and explored the town and wandered the markets enjoying a dance in a local chapel with some locals before heading back to the bus stop for the trip back to Ajmer. Taxis were non existent at that time of night and when I refused to pay triple the usual fare a Tuk Tuk driver tried to extort from us it started a fight between the driver and locals who admonished him for trying to rip off visitors to their country. We beat a hasty retreat to the bus queue and after a long long long wait we managed to squeeze on to the 50 seat bus that must have had 90 of us on board to stand like sardines the 15 kms home. A short walk at the other end saw us enjoy a well deserved nightcap on the roof bar and make friends with yet another Indian family before joining a passing herd of cows back to the welcome sight of our KC Inn Hotel.

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