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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Road Trip to Pushkar - Part II)

As arranged the transport arrived at 10.30 am and after a hearty breakfast we were soon loaded and ready for the last leg into Ajmer. As we left Jaipur behind it was noticeable how the air was becoming less polluted and despite the unbelievable number of lorries on the roads we started to see more cows, goats and even the odd camel at the sides of the road as we neared our destination. After one 15 minute comfort break at a clean roadside stop, we found traffic entering Ajmer as crazy as any town we have been to, they just don't have any "Rules of the road" and one rule for pedestrians - " Survive". We arrived at our accommodation for the next 3 nights The KC Inn Hotel which without a doubt is the best so far

After settling in to our rooms we decided to scope out the area and take some pictures of the locals and the sights over an hour or so gentle walk dodging the traffic.

The neighbouring roads are like one big market and the girls will no doubt have fun bargaining there and Dave might even buy the case he has been looking for. Retuning to a hotel across the road from ours that sells spirits we retired to the rooftop to join Jon & John who had chosen to stay there instead of taking a walk and enjoyed a beer and the view.

Before heading back to our hotel where we enjoyed our evening meal, even being rewarded with some chocolate cake for joining in with the singing of "Happy Birthday" for a guy enjoying a meal with friends - a good end to the day.

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