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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (Road Trip to Pushkar)

After a light breakfast as I was feeling the effects of another cold we said our goodbyes to the staff at the Prem Sugar Guest House who had made us very welcome during our stay and then we loaded our cases into the back of our 12 seater Aircon tempo traveller van which was to transport us to our destination, Ajmer and the Pushkar Camel Fair held nearby. It turned out the driver I had negotiated the trip with was not the driver I got and this one although smart and polite spoke very little English and the boy that accompanied him even less but Hey Ho and off we go. The total time from Delhi to our overnight stop in Jaipur should take 3-4 hours but stuck in the Delhi traffic heading for the motorway we knew it would take longer. The motorways are wide and good in he main but such heavy Lorry traffic it is an experience with overtaking on all sides and even cars and bikes on the hard shoulder heading the wrong way ! ! We stopped enroute for a 20 minute comfort break..

We then made good time passing through Jaipur and getting a quick look at the Pink City before arriving at our overnight stop "Raikas Homestay. We were greeted by Raika himself and after a shambles of a booking process we all had rooms that everybody had something wrong with until it was pointed out we were only here for one night and only paid 7€ each which included breakfast.

Miles from anywhere I went to bed to try and get rid of my cold and the rest of the group settled in for some home cooked food which thankfully turned out to be s big hit with everybody and the moaning stopped.

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