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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (New Delhi - Day 5)

Unfortunately today I had to stay behind to sort out finances but the rest of the group headed of in two cars hired for the princely sum of 4,000 Rupees ( 500 each 0r 7.5 €) for the whole day and first stop they returned to the Temple that was closed when we visited by train Monday and not only was it free but an excellent visit. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures but the book of photos sets you back 50 Rupee (40 pence) so no rip off there.after a prolonged lunch they group picked me up in a car and headed of to se the ambassadors house which is now where the Indian President lives so pictures needed a telephoto lens but we snapped of a couple and ones of the ministries we were able to get close too.

Afterwards we head to see the sound and light show at the Red Fort but once there it had started to get dark which would have been difficult to see in the Fort and the only English show started at 8.30 - 9.30pm.

Somehow we got talked into a group tour by bicycle rickshaws to see the biggest mosque in India and a tour of the old city which we were told was 450 Rupees for all of us !!!!

By the time we got to the mosque and were told we couldn't go in with cameras unless we paid 300 Rupees each and the offer was made to look after our bags while we went in I decide to make a point of getting to the bottom of the deal we were getting. Lo and behold the price had risen to 450 Rupees per couple and the ride was to take us to markets and bazaars we had seen the day before. They were informed that wasn't going to happen and we prepared to walk back from where we started but they agreed to take us back and sort it out with our car drivers who were there when the deal was struck. Needless to say they did not prevail and out of the goodness of our heart we gave them a nominal 100 Rupee per couple but they still were not happy and it soured the night.

After a walk to the front of the Red Fort and a couple of pictures we all decide to bring the day to an early finish and end the day with our regular jug of Kingfisher beer.

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