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An Alien in Spain - Visits India (New Delhi - Day 4)

Now you probably wouldn't think there was much fun to be had buying a day metro ticket and just getting on the train until you see something to go explore anyway that's what I did together with Dave, Jean, Jon, Denise and Kay and what an adventure it turned out.

First of all a day ticket for all of the Delhi metro will set you back 200 Rupees but at the end of the day you get a 50 Rupees refund for handing back the ticket so 150 Rupees (2€) and we are away on the yellow line thinking we are heading North until we realise we are heading in the wrong direction but luckily we see what looks like a fabulous Temple to explore and so we are off the train in a flash and heading for the temple only to be told today is Monday and all places of interest are closed for cleaning undeterred we determined to return and back until n the platform were confronted by the weirdest I had seen in a while. The clock was on speed it managed two minutes in 30 seconds so we jumped on the first train in fear If we stayed there too long the day would be over before lunch time !!!!

We next decided to visit what we thought was the ambassadors house and looking at the nearest tube we didn't take long to be standing outside the tube with no idea where to go so what you do? ask a local. The gentleman spoke perfect English and walked with us all the way to the gates where surprisingly we were allowed entry by the guards on the gate with no problems and full of confidence we traversed the security with no problems and entered the esteemed doorway to find ourselves in the foyer of The Ambassador Hotel. Ha Ha you have to laugh and we did while enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit in the grounds.

Back on the train after a short walk and a visit to The Red Fort looked promising and the nearest metro we could find was Chandon Chowk. Now for those like us who had never been to New Delhi we found ourselves in the part known as Old Delhi where sights and smells assault the senses.

Our walk was more like "running the Gauntlet" however call us mad as none of us regretted the experience.

After our journey to the other end of the street we had intended to take a walking tour but we all agreed we didn't need to see any more of the sad life of Old Delhi.

Finally we all headed back and ashamed to say put it all behind us ( as you must if you want to remain sane) and enjoyed food and drink in what has become our favourite "Watering Hole" The Jungle Jamboree.

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