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An Alien in Spain Visits - Germany (Nuremberg Xmas Market)

To bring my trip up to date we left Cologne at 10.19 am by train on Friday 4/12 and headed to Nuremberg arriving four hours later at 14.00 pm. A short 10 minute walk to the Five Reasons Hotel / Hostel which is very clean and comfortable as well as reasonable and we were settled in and ready to explore

The main market as would be expected is in the main square and very big with lots of stalls selling food of all types and hot wines and apple juice as well as the usual festive gifts.

Off from the main market are the children's market and another with stalls from cities around the world that are "twinned" with Nuremberg, selling their own brand of food and drinks and I was particularly fond of the stall from Atlanta Georgia where I purchased an apple drink laced with Jim Bean which warms the toes and fingers sooooooo goooooood.

We stayed out until it became dark and the lights all came on and the singers took up their places to serenade the shoppers with Christmas carols. There was some strange sights, Santa on his squeeze box accompanied by his dog, a dyslexic YMCA (spelt CVJM) Building,

We also managed to spend an hour before it closed close in a fabulous museum which was free on a Friday where they were holding a reception

And the day was topped off with a couple of really tasty meals in a Gay Bar (Denise Choice) full of Guys I felt I had to keep one eye on - what a first day to the start of the second leg of Christmas markets here in Nuremberg.

Day 2

After the train ride from Cologne where we had seats another couple had booked we thought that we needed to book seats on the trains we had booked in the future or you might be left without a seat so Day 2 in Nuremberg resulted in an early start to the train station to ensure we had seats on the train to Prague where we found we were booked onto a bus !!!

It all worked out OK in the end as the buses are better than the trains and it is a lot quicker and for 9 euro we also got seats from Prague to Berlin as well and then it was off on a history tour of our making.

First a short tram ride got us to the Nazi Party Rally grounds which are really big about 11 acres in all and after a walk around the lake to the parade ground that is now a car park it was to the museum we headed which is amazing and we took a couple of hours exploring the place.

The museum includes the balcony overlooking the arena Hitler used to spout his propaganda to the Hitler Youth assembled there.

By pure coincidence we bumped into the lovely couple from Canada ( Bob and Mary) who's seats on the previous train we had taken and they had allowed us to keep and spent the journey chatting with us and a meeting was arranged for a meal later.

Dense and I then carried on to the court house and courtroom 600 where the war crimes tribunal had passed judgement on the war criminals after the war.

By the time we got back to the town it was getting dark but as we only had that day to see everything we decided to climb to the top of the hill to see the castle and the sights of Nuremberg from on high.

Fortified with a Nuremberg sausage roll and a Gluwien we fought our way to the top to find the castle was closed.

We did not allow this to dampen our spirits instead we partook of a local wheat beer in the castle bar and went to the open part of the castle for a picture shoot.

One looking down on the Town of Nuremberg a Christmassy one with lights and looking back at the castle as we made our way back.

As arranged, we met with Bob and Mary and walked to a very nice restaurant called "Hexanhause" on the side of the hill, a 500 year old building that had once been look out tower of the castle.

We had a great night and the Bob and Mary were great company and I think we made friends with these two girls as well and after we couldn't leave without a farewell drink with our gay friends from the night before.

Day 3

After a hearty breakfast in our Hostel on our last day, after a wait in the Station from where the Coach left, with me looking after the luggage while Denise did what ladies do best (Shop) we were then propelled from Germany across the border to Prague in The Czech Republic in a modern coach that took 3.5 hours and our story will continue from there.


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