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An Alien in Spain Visits - Hungary (Angloville - Monor)

One of the ways I subsidise my love of travelling is to volunteer to teach English to native speakers in different parts of the world. There are organisations that can be found on the internet, that are looking for English speakers, to pay for them, once they get to the country, to attend a 5 day all food and board paid for course at a good quality hotel and just speak English to native language speakers looking to improve their grasp of the English language.

I have just met up with a group of "Angloville" English speakers yesterday, for a walk and a very nice meal at a Budapest Bistro to get to know each other - there will be 16 of us and everybody seemed to get on well after which a group of us made a night of it until before packing to meet up with the coach at 11 am which will take us to our venue at Nyerges Hotel - Monor, Ungern about 40 km from Budapest.

The week is taken up with one to ones and group sessions that are well organised by the organisers who are usually in their 30's with ages of students and English speakers ranging from 20's to 60's.

The day starts with breakfast shared with native speakers and varied sessions until a shared lunch after which there is free time. sessions start again at 4 pm and continue through the evening meal after which you are free to mingle or take to your room.

I am posting pictures of the accommodation and facilities we enjoyed throughout the week for your information.

During the week the students, with your guidance, prepare a speech they must give in English at the end of the week in front of the whole group and then they receive their diploma as long as they do well enough to earn it. Look as if you would enjoy this get in touch.

Here at the Angloville week just of outside Budapest we have been well looked after by our hosts and the Hungarian people have been a joy to be with and talk English to. Now as the week comes to an end I shall be soon returning to Spain with pleasant memories.

But not before one final night to cement friendships and bid farewell to some amazing people especially Fanni our coordinator for the week .


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