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An Alien in Spain Visits - Poland ( Wieliczka )

Day 3 of my time in Katowice and today I am pleased to say I am joined by Katarzyna Weinert who together with her two children and Monika Stolicka took me to "The Salt Mines" at Wieliczka which is a mine where Rock Salt was mined and is now a museum with added attractions.

The entrance to the attraction is a water tower with water running through the foliage outside that produces a healthy spa water the other picture was once a common sight to mining towns all over the UK.

The entrance to the mines is via steep wooden steps that take you down into the bowels of the earth but are brightly lit and you don't need a high fitness level to make this trip.

Once at the bottom, the museum starts with a long tunnel showing how things were done way back when the mine was worked. Horses were used to pull the mined salt to the lift operated by pulleys to take it up to the surface.

As you progress along the tunnel there are numerous carvings that have been sculptured from the salt and you wonder at the skill.

As you progress further along the tunnel and notice that the shoring up of the tunnel leaves a lot to be desired but it's been up a while so should be good for the time it takes for our visit and then all of a sudden you come across an amazing cavern carved out of the salt God knows how low beneath the surface.

Poland is a deeply religious Christian country and as you would expect most of the carvings are religious and display wonderful detail.

There was just enough time for Mateus to take one last picture of the Salt Miners for a day before heading back out into the sunlight and chat about the experience. The mine a world UNESCO site is open from Monday through Friday and for Non-Polish Adults cost about 17€ - well worth a look.

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