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An Alien in Spain Visits - Poland ( Czantoria Wielka )

My final day in this part of Poland with Monika and Kasia consisted of a lie in after a Saturday night on the town, of which I have no incriminating photographs and a late start took us to the South of Poland, to the border with the Chez Republic and an unforgettable experience with a cable car followed by a 1000 meter walk down a mountain.

The cable car ride to the top of the mountain allows you to buy a round trip that will avoid putting you in hospital with terrible pains in your thighs, but that is apparently only for wimps, so we only rode up and walked down.

On the cable car heading to the top, Kasia and Monika took it in turns to reassure me that it is not that far to fall if anything goes wrong !!!

At the top is a welcoming band of Hillbillies with some unusual Hillbilly type songs they were singing.

But as there is everywhere in Poland, sausages were being cooked, ready to eat. Another new food for me to taste was an Oscypek, a cheese filled pastry served with cranberry sauce - Delicious.

A short walk up from the food and you are at the border patrol between Poland and The Chez Republic on the other side is a place called Moravskoslezsky Kraj and if you look far enough you will see Slovakia in the far distance.

The experience of the scenery at this altitude is exhilarating and the food tasted good whilst the music was different but the walk down is tough on the thighs and so I would only recommend this if you are either fit or a masochist - get the round trip ticket.

I shall miss my beautiful guides and my time here, but all good things must be postponed until the next time and tomorrow I say my goodbyes and head off for Krakow. Thank you both Monika & Kasia.

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