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An Alien in Spain visits - Poland (Wroclaw)

Left Poznan in 35 degrees and 3 hours later drenched to the skin on my walk from Wroclaw Glowny Train Station to the "Friends Hostel" in the Old Part of Wroclaw, however, how can you be sad when you open the fridge for milk and find this - A Real Polish Fridge

The Hostel may be on a main road but don't let that worry you it is quiet and only a five minute walk into the heart of Old Wroclaw with its abundance of pleasures.

Poland never ceases to amaze me here in Wroclaw I went for a walk to a place a friend recommended to me and had a meal and on the way back passed a fabulous piece of architecture from many years ago across the road from a modern building and next to it a castle looking place where outside you can sit in the street and drink a beer for 5 zloty (under a £) amazing

Wroclaw - Venice of the North - their motto The place to meet (your loved one) and what do you think the city is famous for ?? Well I'm not sure what the politically correct term is, but it's either Dwarfs or Gnomes.

Apparently when all the solidarity stuff was going on in Gdansk, in Wroclaw they had a less violent movement called the Orange (watered down Red) movement against the communist rule and people would paint orange Gnomes over official notices so when communism came to an end this is what was adopted.

Now scattered around the city are brass figures and there is even a map you can follow to help explore the city. I didn't follow the map but here are a few of the ones I have seen on my travels around the city.

Well as my time in Wroclaw ( you would not believe how this is pronounced) comes to an end I have been admonished that the normal amount of information I give on my travels has been found wanting and is below par and so I have been swatting up and here goes-

Wroclaw is known as the Venice of the North as it has many canals even though some were filled in by Napoleon during his time here. It fared Badly in the war and was almost 70% destroyed however there has been a lot of money spent on rebuilding especially for Pope John Paul's visit.

There is a great rivalry with Krakow with each of them having either the biggest or second biggest University and library's in Poland.

One man & his bike take a last look from the canal path at the outskirts of the city. To hire bike for the day, 40 zloty and off we go along a scenic path that you can follow out through the town passing the trams that are a common sight. On towards the university with a cable car transport system for the students until you reach the Zoo.

The Zoo is well stocked and home to all sorts of animals however today I had not enough time to visit as I wanted to see the site of The Multimedia Fountain which is the biggest fountain in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. It has 1 hectare of surface, 800 lights, 300 water jets and 3 fire jets in the basin and at night is a fabulous display which I shall see when I return as return I must - love this city.

On the way back is a Japanese water garden peaceful and serene which is free to visit after which I took a meandering course back through the town passing an area where there was a chair and a ring belonging to some one really big I was hoping not to meet.

By the time I was back to the area by my Hostel I had built up an appetite ready for a plate of Pierogi for a Euro.

There were many enjoyable and interesting things to enjoy in Wroclaw but I would be remiss if I didn't show you the church that still has a world war two bomb dropped on the city and lodged in the structure. I'm sure it has been defused by now but I didn't hang around too long just in case.

My next stop on the way south is to the town of Mikalow near the city of Katowice to meet two lovely ladies I met at a learning programme in Warsaw and will show me their town and so until I return again some time in the future. Hasta Lluego Wroclaw.


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