An Alien in Spain Visits - Poland (Sopot)

My last day in Gdansk so I decided to take my friend David Bushnell at his word and head to the seaside town of Sopot which is a 30 minute, 4 zloty each way ride on a train that runs every 15 minutes from the Gorny station.

When you first arrive and turn left out of the station you are faced with a choice, go straight ahead and you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the wooded area following the stream and then through some flats to reach the beach ( which was I did) or turn left down the street until you reach the main road at the church turn right and carry on to the pier.

Their is enough to see in a day but unless you want a seaside day out not somewhere I would want to spend too much time (but then I do live almost on the beach in Spain so spoilt comes to mind).

I spent the day walking on the beach, down the pier (7.50 zloty ) and looking at the boats - there is a pirate ship that does a 40 minute sea trip for 30 zloty and also a ferry that I could have caught back to Gdansk but hey ho had my return ticket and couldn't waste 4 zloty.

Had a Pad Thai meal Poland Style at lunch time and that was good and then finished it off with a Goffrey something I had not heard of before now but know it will be something I look out for in future.

I then just spent the day chilling and taking in the museum and Parks as well as discovering that Sopot must be the o nly place in Europe to acknowledge Southend-on-sea on a road sign, must be we have the longest pier in the world? I then returned to Gdansk for my last night

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