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An Alien in Spain Visits - Valencia ( La Cremà)

Every Year in the month of March Valencia comes alive with The Fallas de València which sees the City whose streets have been adorned with amazing figures, called Fallas, some over 20 feet high made from Paper-mach and these days also polystyrene and which after 4 long intense days full of colour, fireworks, flowers and music, it comes to an end with the fires on the night of San Jose the 19th March when they are burnt.

La Cremà is the event that closes the Fallas de València until the following year. It begins at 10.00 pm, with the Cremà of the children's fallas.

At 10:30 pm the first prize winning childs fault is burned, and at 11 pm it is the turn of the child fault in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento .

At Midnight, the burning of large monuments begins . Half an hour later, the flames ignite the first prize winning fault and at 01:30 am, after a fireworks display, the last fault still standing, that being the one in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, (Town Hall Square) is consumed by fire.

The plaza of The Virgin with the amazing Virgin made entirely from flowers was one that wasn't burnt at the end of the night.

It was my first time attending what we British call "The Night of The Fallas" and I really enjoyed a cold, windy but dry night which saw a multitude of die hard tourists and Spanish some dressed in national costumes roaming the city in search of a final look at the Fallas, of which there were many dotted around the narrow streets in the barrios of Valencia.

We were able to enjoy the food and beverages available from the vendors and from 10 pm through to 1.30 am we all enjoyed numerous firework displays culminating with the Grand Finale of the burning of the Last fault.

Enjoy the multitude of pictures I took during the night which will give you an insight into the work put into these figures.

Although many of the Fallas Scenes are made up of fantasy figures there is no set down theme and the choice of subject anything goes.

You have to love the Womens Liberation Movement Fallas - where the ladies have burnt their Braziers - Too Much

The Spanish girl in costume was the one that represented the group that won the childs Fault although I don't know which one it was.

I make no apologies for saving this until last blowing this one up bigger than the rest it was my favourite - Now, unfortunately to the burning.

As you can see some of the fallas were in Plazas and the space was very small for crowds to watch however the firemen who are always in attendance as every fallas is burnt did an excellent job of crowd control and there was no recorded incidents of anyone burnt.

To finish this is how crowded it gets in The Town Hall Square for the Grand Finale of the burning of the Last fault.

If you are a resident outside the city it is difficult to find anywhere to park and if you do the drive home in the early hours of the morning after a night of revelry is not recommended instead you will find coach companies such as Davids Coaches and Viajes Rosas Tours lay on coaches for the night, coming from south of Alicante at a reasonable cost. Other Coach compenies lay on coaches from the North - Enjoy.

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