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An Alien in Spain Visits - USA (Dahlonega)

On my last day in Georgia I learnt that contrary to popular belief California was not the site of the first "Gold Rush"it was in fact Georgia and the city that was the centre of it all was called Dahlonega so off I went to discover if there was still gold in them tháre hills.

After entering the City of Dahlonega where the sign only needs a clean, but so would you if you had been there since 1776.I saw a sign that told me I could be in the right place but unfortunately there were no free samples.

After parking up in the town square I found an informative sign dating from 1833 which laid out the rights of the people in relation to the Square which is included on the National Register of Historical Places after which I chanced upon a real museum in a town where the Cherokee Indians had once lived - must be better than the Smithsonian in DC unfortunately it just happened to be closed today as it happens to be out of season ! ! !

Well there was no gold but I discovered a gold mine of home made cake and coffee here so not altogether a wasted journey - Coconut Lime Pie and hazelnut coffee cappuccino - sorry no pictures I don't want you jealous

Just in case you have been awed by Dahlonega look what you can get for your $ $ $ $ here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

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