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An Alien in Spain Visits - USA ( Alpine Helen)

About 30 minutes drive North into the mountains is a town called Helen and the lady at the visitors centre in Dahlonega said if I wanted to see something unusual in The American Mountains go give it a visit and he was correct not something I had expected to find here.

The first sight you see as you drive into town through the mountains and I was not expecting to see buildings like this, for one minute I thought I was in The Alps - Just checking - No Snow, must be Appalachian, not Alps. The house on the hill overlooking the town.

Alpine Valley Inn - in Georgia? As Victor would say Ï don't believe it" Back to sanity for a moment a real American stream where they organise Tubing.

Ok, is this taking things a little too far with the Alpine thing but a nice spot on the river by the bridge to sample a bowl of Chilli with fresh bread and contemplate if I took a wrong turn somewhere.

The place opposite looks pretty Alpine as well perhaps I have stumbled on to something from The X Files?

Chillied out and resume tour only to find I really am in an Alpine Village in the middle of The deep south - No more proof required I am lost

Nothing left to do but retire to a bar on the other side of the river for a sobering thought and a non sobering drink before heading back to the USA I thought the Troll Bar Name pretty droll after all just because it's under a bridge I didn't think the barmen looked that gross.

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