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An Alien in Spain Visits - Morocco (Essaouira)

With the departure of Lynn & Rene back home to The U S of A, Denise and I started back to Spain to meet up with friends, but first we had to visit the fishing port of Essaouira made famous by Orsen Wells back in the 1950's when he filmed his award winning version of Othello.

Essaouira has since become a region where Argon nuts are harvested to make Argon oil - In case you didn't know about this, Goats apparently eat the nutshell and they can't digest them so they pass them out the other end and that is when they are collected and prepared for the oil. The oil is used in many beauty products as well as having success in treating eczema and associated skin problems. This industry is very important in the area as it has been set up by helpers to empower the local women and give them more freedom from men and a means to make a living. For very little money you can visit and watch the production with a guided tour and the opportunity to buy the products at the small shop.

To top that the goats go mad for the nuts and actually climb the trees to get at them so this was something we had to go and see.

Essaouira is also known for it's settlement of artists and with it's numerous quayside cafes to eat the fish fresh being offloaded from the fishing boats, the twisting narrow streets that even when you get lost means your discovering something new and the vibrant souks it is a must to visit.

In the evenings the area around the port has lots of quaint little eateries serving Crab, lobster and the fish freshly caught and although the interior of these establishments are very basic the food is fresh and delicious look closely and you will see a fish connoisseur is a regular.

From lazy days on the beach swimming or surfing, Desert Safari arranged by a local or just touring the souks it is all on offer in this small fishing village where the days are lazy and at nights you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets over the sea from the city walls.

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