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An Alien in Spain visits - Morocco (Tangiers)

And so we leave the Spanish Mainland by ferry with the car in the hold from the port of Algecires on way to Tangiers on our journey down through Morocco taking in sights on the way to Marrakesh. The voyage across was a smooth crossing which took about 1 hour 30 minutes with no need for a visa if coming from Spain.

The Riff mountains herald entry to the African continent North of Tangiers -Welcome to Morocco carved into the Hillside in Arabic

We had booked one night in an apartment in Tangiers via AirBnb and when the rain came down with a vengeance it was not going to be easy to find but a call to the lady renting us the apartment and we had our first taste of Moroccan hospitality. With the aid of the Ishmael, the youngest son, the father, Mohammed (Quahbi) came out to meet us in his vehicle and led us back through the traffic and ensured us a parking space before making us comfortable in our apartment.

After an hour to settle in Father and son returned to take us to a restaurant he recommended for the food and the value. A short walk to the restaurant and we were settled in and the food was ordered for us and Mohammed and Ishmael left after giving instructions to the staff we were to be looked after and that they would return after 90 minutes to escort us home.

Eating in a Restaurant top floor done out like an Arab tent - really neat, with a talented waiter showing us how mint tea needs to served and a tasty selection of Moroccan food we were well entertained until being collected as promised to be walked home.

With Ishmael son of Mohamed Ouahbi who spoke excellent English and acted as an interpreter for us we were taken back via a shop that sold alcohol and we purchased a bottle of wine to finish off the evening,

After a good nights sleep we decided on a quick look around before hitting the road and we took in Independence Square just around the corner from our apartment before walking to Tangiers Beach and on to walk the walls that formed the boundary of the Medina to see the views of the original fortifications.

A sight that can be seen on the roads of Tangiers are cabs known as "Petite Taxi"they were very cheap but we were very old glad we had our own car.

After meeting with Mohammed once more after he took time out from work to make sure we were all Ok and knew where we were going we said our goodbyes and headed of on the first stage of our overland journey to the Blue City of Chefchaouen in the Riff Mountains


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