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An Alien in Spain Visits - Morocco (Chefchaouen)

Not sure of the name of this place where we stopped for a mint tea on the way, set along the coast but a typical fishing village. Fishing Boats pulled up on the beach mending their nets. We never did drink the Mint Tea as the wasps decided that they were going to take over.

From Tangiers via Tetoun along the fabulous coastline and through The Riff mountains brought us to Chefchaouen (The Blue City), probably my most favourite place in all of Morocco.

Guess why it's called the Blue City -

We arrived before the shops started to open and were struck by the absence of all colour except Blue & White although predominantly blue with different shades it was wonderful. There is a small square where people congregate and take a glass of tea and watch the world pass by at a very leisurely pace.

Off the square is the Alkasaba, however we couldn't find anyone to let us in? so we just did what everybody else was doing sitting eating and shopping.

We stayed in Hotel Dar Zman, not your typical Hotel / Riad which set us back about 20 euro for a Twin Room which was comfortable and clean with a communal area I think you will agree you don't come across very often. I fell in love with the Sink in the en-suite.

NB. There was no kitchen in the Hotel so we ate out in a cafe and although the food was simple and good it is the first time I have eaten off the table, no plates just the table covered in clean paper Ha Ha - something new.

After a night in Chefchaouen we set off for Casablanca through the fabulous Riff Mountains people live in the most amazing places like at the bottom of a ravine where and stopped on the way for a coffee where the waiter took a liking to my car and although I let him sit in it for a picture to show his friends I had to say "No" when he asked to take it for a spin, nice try Habib Itri.

And so on to probably the most famous city in Morocco thanks to Humphrey Bogart and "Casablanca" - Until then !!!


2nd Visit

I managed a return visit to Chefchaouen just for the one night on my way back to Spain on 27th November 2013 as a stopover before carrying on to Tangier Med and so glad that I did. Just a few more photos of my most favourite places in Morocco.

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