An Alien in Spain visits - Toledo

Toledo is to be found about an hours drive from Madrid and The Old part of Toledo which is the most interesting to see is set high on a hill and I don't recommend driving through the very very narrow streets looking for a non existent parking space better to park and leave your car in the large car park at the bottom and take the lift to the top where you will be amazed at stepping back in time.

In the centre of Old Town is a Gothic Cathedral dating back to the 13th Century and considered one of the best in Spain (7 Euro entry with 3 Euro extra to go up to Bell Tower) It is well worth the entry as views from the top are excellent.

Inside the cathedral it is pretty spectacular, especially the painting meant to represent ascending into Heaven - absolutely amazing

This is in the courtyard where you wait for the guide / security to take you up to the Bell Tower as you can see some of the murals are worn away at the base nearby there were more murals these seemed to be in better condition just Denise Wilford who has been worn away at the base Ha Ha

The famous painter Ël Greco" lived in Toledo for some time and two of his paintings can be seen in the cathedral. There was also an exhibition of The El Greco paintings of the apostles on display when we were there and surprised they allowed pictures to be taken but hey ho.

There are plenty of inexpensive places to eat and bookshops to explore as well as many reminders that we are in Don Quixote country.

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