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An Alien in Spain Visits - Spain (Aguilas)

Águilas is a municipality and seaport of southeastern Spain, in the province of Murcia. It is situated at the southern end of Murcia's Mediterranean coastline, otherwise known as the Costa Cálida, near the border with the Province of Almería.

There is no direct bus route from Torrevieja to Aguilas and it will take in the region of 6 hours with a stop over at a cost of 20€ to cover the distance, however, it can be reached in a little over an hour and a half by car from Torrevieja.

If you are on holiday there are a couple of coach companies (Rosa Tours & Davids Coaches) that run day trips to the resort at a cost of around 13€ as well as an evening / night trip in February to see the famous south American style Carnival parade through the streets.

Aguilas was once a fishing port but is now mostly a tourists resort with more upmarket boats these days in fact there is a boat that was built by Aristotle Onassis for Jackie Onassis and was bought later by Richard Burton for himself and Elizabeth Taylor and although it may have been something special in the day, it is now being restored by a local.

I had taken advantage of the Day trip arranged by one of the coach companies and on arrival at the dock overlooked by windmills I joined others on a boat trip around the coastline

Out past the cormorant colony on the rocks offshore and an Iron Jetty - believe it or not built in Glasgow and shipped out and erected a couple of hundred years ago so they could transport the rich minerals found inland to export from the shore. Didn't hear what the guide said about the caves on the Island but they looked cool so took a picture.

On returning to shore we ate at a dockside restaurant that set us back 10€ for a three course meal with half a bottle of wine and coffee.

Afterwards there is just enough time for a walk around the town to take in the sights. Not sure about why a statue of the Greek Icarus - you know the guy who flew so close to the sun the glue keeping the wings on melted - was here but it kept the ladies from the coach happy.

After entering one building you would have been forgiven for thinking you must be in an Art Museum, or maybe a picture Gallery, or at the very least something to do with religion - Right

No wrong

It's a Casino - Who'd of thought it.

Next time I return it will be to see the Carnival and I will update this blog with some pictures to warm everybody up even if it is February.

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