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An Alien in Spain Visits - Spain Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra Palace

A Palace and gardens that en-capture Muslim architecture together with the use of flowers ferns and water to create a peaceful place to forget about everything except what you are doing at that time coupled with amazing Views.

If you don't pre book a ticket you have to be in the queue like me and this lot by 7.30 am to make sure you are at the front when the doors open until 8 am then you have until 2 pm to see everything.

The entrance starts off very unimpressive, but step through a door into a courtyard you are met with a taste of what is to come. After waiting in the court yard here is where you start to take in the ambience, water to calm the mood, amazing Arches and architecture and just check out the work that went into those walls.

A feeling of light and space and peace takes you to Lion Square complete with Lions, note the channels for the ebb and flow of water then look up and admire how the ceiling was done before proceeding into just one of many side chambers with a view through a window and the same view from the balcony outside inside there is a sense of it going on forever but when you see the doors you know when its locked it stays locked.

Entrance to Nazaries Palace within The Alhambra - you are given an explicit time to enter and if you miss it you don't get in so make sure you are there on time.

Outside the buildings there are magnificent gardens and views from the battlements of the surrounding countryside and even the snow capped peaks of the mountains where the adventurous among you can partake of world class skiing conditions during the winter months.

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