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An Alien in Spain - Visits Thailand (Sukhothai)

I left leave Chiang Mae via a 150 Baht Tuk Tuk ride to catch the 10.15 am bus from Chiang Mae bus station which for 239 Baht will whisk you off for a 5 hour ride to the old capital Sukhothai with a stop on way for food included in ticket price.

The bus left on time and staff were friendly but nearly set me down in the wrong part of town luckily a local spoke English and got me back on the bus before it left.

On arrival in Sukhothai I was met by a few drivers and got a ride to my guest house for 50 baht – The Guest house was called TR Guesthouse situated near Phraruang Bridge where a clean fan room set me back 250 Baht per night – no breakfast but good value or money.

I had a look around the area and there was a small market but not very much to keep me interested so I had a meal of Green Curry for 80 Baht with a Banana Milkshake 35 Baht at “Chopper Bar” then went back to the hotel to book a motorbike for the next day.

A motor bike (Auto) from the guesthouse cost 200 Baht and petrol 100 Baht and I first went to Sukhothai UNESCO world heritage site which is 14 km out of town and entry will cost you 100 Baht and headphones an extra 150 Baht on top of which you will need a pushbike to get around the park.

I didn’t go in, opting as I had the bike to ride the 56 km to Sri Satchanalal Historic Park where there was a Country Park, entry 200 Baht, there are also the ruins of the old walled city dating back to 1300’s which cost 100 Baht entry and it was possible to ride around using the motor bike.

– the whole day was good fun and very hot the sun leaving me slightly burnt as the wind on the bike had made it seem cooler than it was.

I went to dinner that night with a new friend A J from Portsmouth who had just come from Ayuttaya and advised me to give it a miss as it was just like Sukhothai but more depressing so I decided to miss it out and go direct to Bangkok the next day.

Two days is enough to see Sukhothai and I must warn you if you stay at The TR guest house it reverberated to the sound of loudspeaker music at 6 am because residents do exercises in the park before heading off to work, almost as bad as the monks in Laos.

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