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An Alien in Spain Visits - Vietnam (Saigon)

On my way again by soft sleeper on the 1.30 pm overnight train from Da Nang to Saigon that was scheduled to arrive Saigon at 5 am (15.5 hours)

This train was even more dire than the last, due to the toilet facilities which I will not elaborate on, but if you travel on this route, go before and try and hold it- Nuff said.

Made the aquaintance of a lady from China (Shanghai) who was nervous about travelling and although not in my carriage stayed with me talking from the start until 10.30pm when the Guard kicked her out after which I tried to get some sleep without much success as the driver had one foot on the brake every 5 minutes.

Arrived late in Saigon and it looks like the worst part of the East End of London coming in by train and at the station you are hit again by crowds of cab drivers hustling for your custom. I managed to get a motor bike and driver to the hotel for 60,000 ($3 US)

The Hotel was the most least attractive so far and the cover on the bed just about fitted but staff are really friendly and the position is in the centre of the backpackers area where everything happens, so nothing to complain about.

I stayed in Saigon two nights and have walked to most places of interest. I visited the Independence Palace 150,000 ($7.5 US) - The War Remnants Museum (same Price) and The Zen Pagoda (Free) but I didn't fancy going to the Tunnels and to fire rifles as not my thing so as you may have gathered I am not so keen on Saigon.

I did visit the Water Puppet Theatre tonight 150,000 ($7.5 US) which I really enjoyed.

Tomorrow morning sees me heading off again bright and early,this time by bus, to Chau Doc down on The Mekon Delta for one night before taking a fast boat to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

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